The „New Minor Forcing” Convention

The convention frequently occurs when one opens with a suit, and  rebids it again after the partner's one major response. For those familiar with the "4th suit forcing" convention, think of this convention as marking the new minor suit to be the fourth suit. The target is to discover, whether opener still has more major information, and accepts game invitation or not.

After the new minor forcing bid, opener shows these about his hand:

  • major information as 1st priority
  • no trump as 2nd priority indicating a stopper
  • his strength indicating if he would accept game invitational or not

Lets look at this example: 1m-1M-2m

If in this case when the responder bids the unbid minor on the lowest possible level, it is:

  • an artificial forcing bid (similar to the 4th suit forcing convention)
  • showing invitational or better hands on level 2 and game forcing hands on level 3.
1♣ 1
2♣ 2
23-card heart holding, minimum. Continuation: same as after Kantar 2clubs.
2♠less than 3 hearts, no spade stopper, good hand, GF (the opener has already denied four card spades, since he had not bid 1♠).
2NTless than 3 hearts, spade stopper, minimum, not forcing. Continuation: same as above.
3♣less than 3 hearts, weak hand, not forcing, but biding over it is GF.
3four card diamonds, 15-16 points, GF.
33 hearts, maximum, GF.
3♠3 hearts, singleton ♠, 14+ points, GF.
3NTless than 3 hearts, stopper in ♠ and ♦, maximum (14+ points)
1♣ 1♠
2♣ 2
24 hearts, less than 3 spades, unlimited strength. Continuation: same as above in the weak situations.
2♠3 spades, weak hand, responder may pass it. Continuation: same as above.
2NTweak hand, stoppers in both suits, not forcing, but partners bids over it are game forcing
3♣weak hand, stoppers are missing, less than 3 spades, not forcing, but bidding over it is GF.
34 diamonds, less than 3 spades, 14+ points, GF.
34+3♠ 14+ points, GF.
3♠less than 4 hearts, 3 spades, 14+ points, GF.
3NTstopper in both red suits, 14+ points, GF.

After1-1-2-3♣ we are already in game force (new suit on level 3 always forces to game):

1 1
2 3♣
3no majors, minimum.
33-card heart support
3♠less than 3 hearts, no spade stopper, maximum.
3NTless than 3 hearts, stopper in spades.
1 1♠
2 3♣
3no majors, minimum.
34-card hearts, less than 3 spades
3♠3 spades (this information has the priority!)
3NTless than 3 spades, stopper in hearts.

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