Fanni Convention In Practice

I played this hand with Dani Tubak, a good friend of mine, member of the Hungarian Junior Team, who did great job lectoring this homepage. We agreed to play Fanni convention to handle forcing and semiforcing situations. Fanni convention is my most popular development to handle well the forcing situations, available only on this homepage.

IMP tournament, dealer South, all vulnerable

West doubled Dani Tubak's 1 opening in order to use equal level conversation double, what means, that if doubler bids later diamonds to partner's club bid in the same level, he will show normal overcall with 5+ diamonds and 4 cads in spades.

Redouble of mine showed at least invitational hand, causing forcing situation. East said 2 clubs, Tubak doubled to show tolerance to penalize 2 clubs. West bid 2 diamond, showing normal overcall with 5+ diamonds and 4 cads in spades. My pass is either penalty double or good hand with no tolerance to penalize 2 diamonds. East passed, Tubak reopened it with double showing tolerance to penalize 2 diamonds, and we all passed.

I led the club 4, to Jack, Queen and 3. Tubak cashed the Ace and King of hearts, and played the Jack of spades.

Declarer won it with the Ace, and continued the spade 4. I could win it with the 9.

I played club to partner's Ace, the declarer ruffed. He played another spade, I won it, and cashed the Ace of diamonds.

When I cashed my last spade winner, Tubak discarded his last club. Now I played a club, and Tubak could ruff it with the diamond 9, securing an extra trump trick: the declarer could overruff it with the King, but I had now J106 over declarer's 985, and I still had exit card in clubs.

So we scored 1400 instead of 630, +13 IMP.

Even if the opponents would have played 2♠ doubled, it would have been around 1100 in case of almost obligatory trump lead.

Conclusion: pass is also a considerable bid (instead of any overcall from West)