Solution of Double Dummy 4 Heart Contract

You play 4 from South, getting 9 lead. You have to be very careful with your entries to the dummy to be able to play strip squeeze against East:

You have to win the lead in dummy, and you have to ruff immediately a diamond to take away East's  King.

Now you play ♠ 2 to the King. East  has to win it with the Ace and he has to play his last trump to avoid your ♠ ruff in the dummy. You win it in the dummy, and you have to play your ♠ 4 in trick 5, and East has to put the 9, otherwise you can put the 8 and you win the contract.

You win the ♠ 9 with the Jack, and you cash your trumps. At trick 9, you play your last trump and East has to hold ♣ Ace and Queen and ♠ 105, otherwise either your ♠ in good, or you can play ♣, when East had discarded the ♣ Queen.

Now you can play ♣ to the Jack, East can cash the ♣ Ace, but after it he has to play ♠ from ♠ 10 and 5, and you can make a finesse with your Q8.

The end-play looks like this:

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