A Triple Squeeze For A Victory

We played this hand against the Team Cayne on the BBO. It  is a common way of triple squeeze, still it gave us the rare occasion to celebrate a very tight victory against them. Let's see, what had happened:

I played with Garnetts. We play often together, still we didn't have an asset to discover the possible spade fit, although with nice 18 points it is not so dangerous to bid 6NT. Fortunately we didn't have spade fit.

The opening lead was the Jack of spades, which was not useful for me.

I had 3 spade tricks, 2 heart tricks, 3 diamond tricks and 2 club tricks, together 10, still far from making the contract.

The heart finesse must be done, so I won the lead in the hand with the Queen, and played a heart to the Jack and East won it with the Queen and played another spade. I won it with the King in the hand.

Now I had to try the diamond suit to discover the singleton or doubleton Jack, but East had Jack 4th in diamond.

I also tried the spade suit, but West had J109x, so West had a high spade now.

Now I tried the heart suit, and finally, it lied 3-3, so I had an extra trick in heart.

Now, it was sure, that I will make the contract, because West had a high spade, East had a high diamond, so no one could hold Qxx in club, when I played the last heart trick from my hand in the trick 9.

1st, West had to hold the Jack of spades, so he had to discard a club. Now, I could discard the eight of spades from the dummy, and it came East, who also couldn't discard his Jack of diamond, so he also had to discard a club.

This way, both opponents had 2 clubs, and I made the contract playing the King and Ace of clubs.

West had the Queen of clubs, maybe this was the reason, that the contract was lost on the other side.

The complete disctribution was: