When The Impossible Is Coming True

In the following hand East and West has an original trump trick against a grand slam contract, and the declarer still makes it. This hand was recorded more, than 83 years ago, the declarer was István Hernád from Hungary.

We play 7♠ from South, West leads the Queen of clubs.

Of course nowadays we don't go so far with the bidding, but this hand is a special example for that statement, that the most impossible missions are the sources of the greatest solutions.

At the beginning, it seems to be impossible to avoid, that the defenders will get a trump trick.

The declarer had to win it in the hand, in order to get enough communication between the hand and the dummy.

In the 2nd trick, declarer played the King of hearts, he overtook in in the dummy, and ruffed a heart in his hand.

Now, in trink 4, he played a club to the King and he ruffed another heart.

It the trick 6, he ruffed a club in the dummy and he ruffed his last heart in the hand in trick 7.

Now, he cashed his 3 diamond tricks, and in trick 10 the standing was the following:

Now, the declarer played his last club from the hand, and West hadn't good choice. If he ruffs low, dummy can overruff him with the 10, and if he ruffs with th Queen of spades, declarer can play the finesse against the Jack of spades in trick 12.

Well done.

This hand was registered by the famous hungarian bridge author, Robert Darvas in 1934.