The VS Peferred Honors Asking Relay In Practice

This article will be published together with the "VS Peferred Honors Asking Relay" article in the expert area. We played this hand with a student of mine. Eva Csiby did a nice job in this hand, playing live high level match on the BBO.



Eva was South.

Until 3♠ bid of South, every system would have worked so.

My 4 bid showed extra with 3 cards fit in spades.

4NT was asking for keycards, 5 showed 1 or 4.

Now Eva realized, that it must be 4 keycards, and she didn't need the Queen of spades because of our 10 cards fit, so she asked for preferred Kings.

She could have counted 13 tricks (7 spades, 4 hearts, and the minor Aces) if I had bid 6♣, showing the King of hearts, but I responded 6, denying the King of hearts, but promising the lower King, the King of clubs. Now she could see 7 spade tricks, 4 club tricks and the 2 red Aces, so she jumped to 7 spades.

The opening lead was the ten of diamonds, she had to win in on the dummy, and she made a very good plan:

She tries to ruff 3 heart tricks before trying the club suit. The trump has to be solved, and it is symmetric: 2/1 is always good and she has to guess well, when it is 3-0. ( like most of the lady players, she is very good at guessing well).

To be able to ruff the heart suit high, she needed 4 entries to the dummy.

There is 1 in heart, 2 in clubs, and 2 in spades, when she can catch the Queen of spades, so she had to start ruffing hearts inmediately, also taking care of the communication.

She did it perfectly again: She cashed the Ace of hearts, and ruffed a heart in the hand with the Jack, sparing 2 small spades to have a 2 sure entries to the dummy.

Now, she cashed the King of spades and East discarded a diamond to this trick.

Now she could play a small spade in direction the Ace and 7 of spades. We have to recognize, that if she had ruffed the 2nd heart with a small spade, West could play the Queen to the other small spade,while ducking the higher  spade cards,asthe seven, so he could destroy the 2 needed entries to the dummy. (Eva have had also enough tricks if she had reached only 1 more time to the dummy, but the she had lost the contract, if West have had 3 spades and 2 hearts only, when the contract were lay down when club had lied 3-2 or there were a simple squeeze in clubs and hearts)

The rest was easy: she took the trumps finishing on the dummy, she ruffed another heart (the 3rd round), and she could go 2 times with the Ace and King of clubs to the dummy to ruff high the heart suit and having 7 spade, 3club, 2 heart and a diamond trick.

Her careful play was payed of very well, the club suit lied 4-1 so she  had only 12 tricks without the heart suit.

Well done, Eva!

The complete distribution was: