A Special Defensive Double Dummy Problem From Mautern

I played with Eva Csiby, a client of mine in Mautern. Thanks for the big help of fortune, the lot of trainings, and the constant, sharp play, we won the tournament, the largest tournament in Middle-Europe. It would be normal to write about some nice hand histories, but there was a special problem, which is more beautiful, than the victory itself!


We play as West against a 4♠ contract. The opening lead is the King of diamonds, the declarer wins it with the Ace, (partner plays the 10,  declarer gives the Jack)

Now declarer plays spade to the King and spade to the Jack, partner discards the nine of diamonds.

Now declarer plays a small heart to the King in the hand, partner gives the 2 of hearts, showing even number in the suit.

How should you play in West position and why?