Bid Well And Be Careful

We played this hand in a BBO team match with Eva Csiby against strong türkish players. To make a slam with weak hand is always pleasure, and this hand was really dealt for us. I hope,that both the bidding and the the declarer play line can give some good tips to our advanced and better players.

Knowing Eva, she had to have nice hand when bidding 4 as Splinter. We are agreed, that this bis is showing weak gameforcing hand with 4 cards support, 4+ Italian controls, (an Ace worth 2 controls, a King is 1 control)   and shortness in diamonds.

My hand was not very strong and I was afraid, that East can also be short in diamonds, but I could give a good bid with 5 clubs, showing to Eva, that I need values in spades to make a slam.

Her 6 bid was the final contract. West hesitated a little bit before passing. A good question is: why? Did he want to double, or maybe sacryfizing? Anyway, I had the feeling, that he will have intersting hand.

The opening lead was the Ace of clubs. (maybe he wanted to double, but he heard my cue-bid in clubs.)

Now I had to plan the declarer play.

We don't have any losers, we have 5 spade tricks when it is well distributed, cca 7 heart tricks if we can ruff 2 diamonds in the dummy, and the Ace of diamonds.

I have 3 diamond losers in my hand. I have to ruff two times diamonds in the dummy and I can discard my last diamond to my 5th spade tricks.

So I ruffed a small diamond in trick 2 with the 10, I played small heart to my 9, to be able to win another 1 or 2 times in my hand, and both opponents had trumps.

I ruffed another diamond with the King and played the five of hearts from the dummy, to be ready, that I have to play 3rounds,but hearts distribution was 2-2.

Now I cashed the Queen of spades from my hand, because I can pick up the 4-0 spades at West. (If East has 4 spades, he has an original trick).

Anyway, the one, who had no spades, was West, but it didn't mean any problem, because I still didn't lose a trick.

The standing after 6 tricks was this:

Now I ducked the 2nd round of spades to East, establishing the 5th spade in the dummy as a trick, and East couldn't hurt me: I didn't have clubs, so I could ruff his club return, I still had the Ace  of diamonds in my hand and 2 more trumps.

I made 7 heart tricks, 4 spade tricks, and the  Ace  of diamonds, all together 12 for 1430 and a 17 IMPs plus because they reached but they lost a slam contract on the other side.

The complete distribution was: