A Squeeze On The Defensive Line

It is always great feeling to make a succesful squeeze. To make it in the defensive line, it comes very rarely, and funny way most of the times against a 1 NT contract. Just like it happened some days ago. Let's see, what had happened?

I played this hand on a star match of BBO with Eva Csiby, against Oscar55 and donid.

I had to lead as West, and although it is not so good to lead the opponent's suit normally, that time only the spade lead can bring some success. Luckily we are agreed with Eva to lead the top of the lock from deblocking suits, so I led the Queen of spades, promising the Jack, and Eva had to throw it under the Queen.

Defender won the 1st spade trick, because he had to use this trick to play double finesse in diamonds.

I could win trick 2 with the Queen, and played 3 times spades. Declarer, having only 1 spade, had some trouble of what to discard.

He had 4 diamond tricks, the Ace of spades and 2 club tricks, but he had to hold 3 heart with the Queen, other wise we have 7 tricks against the contract: 3 spade, 3 heart and a diamond trick.

So he discarded a heart, the ten of clubs, and he had to discard his 5th diamond at the end.

Eva played the seven of spades and the 6 of spades in trick 3 and 4, to show, that she has at least King in the heart suit.


The endplay looked like this:


Now the only thing to do is for us, that we may not play heart, because in case of that, we give the 7th trick in heart to the declarer.

I played a club to partner's Queen and declarer's Ace, but he couldn't use the 3 club tricks and the 3 diamond tricks, that he had, because he had to go to the dummy to play the 2nd finesse in diamond.

Even if he could have seen the singleton King of diamonds, declarer coluldn't win the hand, because the club lead cut his hand from the dummy.

He can play his 2 clubs and 3 diamonds from his hand, but then we win the last 3 tricks in heart.

But he didn't see the cards from the back, so he played his Jack of clubs and he took it over with the King, and although he clud make 3 diamond tricks, we had already 7 tricks agaist the contract: 3 spades, 2 hearts, a diamond and my 7 of clubs was already a trick.

It was a real fun at the table, and I hope that you also like it!