Don’t Double The Magician 2.

The first hand history with the same title was a great succes some years ago, it was published in several magazins and homepages.

We played this hand last Tuesday, and my birhday came on the 11th of October, which was last Thursday.

Now, my birthday is already past time, and I think it worth to create a second article with this title, I think it is at least as nice as the first hand was. Let's see, what had happened:

We played this hand in the teams championship with Balint Homonnay against our junior ladies national team members Mária Bekő and Hanna Révai, who finished 5-8th in the Junior World Championship in China.


The opening lead was the Ace of clubs.

My 1 opening was a tactical opening with light hand but good suit and very competitive hand. West's 1st double, so as partner's 1♠ and my 2 rebid as opener were obligatory bids. West's 2nd double showed extra, either points or distribution, as it was explained.

East's double to 4 seemed to be fair, but now this double gave me the possibility to make the contract in the following way:

West continued the clubs with the King, and East made a small mistake, when she discarded the Queen. (my Jack cami in trick 1.

Now it became clear, that East will have 5 hearts, because even if West has the King of spades and the Queen if diamonds, she can only have 12 HCP-s so her distribution is very likely 5-4-4-0, and East would never double with KJxx in hearts.

So I ruffed the 2nd round of clubs, and played my single spade to the Queen. I need this trick to discard my lot of diamonds, and it is almost sure, that West has the King. I won this trick, and played the 2 of hearts from the dummy. East put the 4 without hesitation, and I put the 5, and won this trick.

Now I have a very nice way to make the contract without the finesse in diamonds, with a two times endplay of East.

I played a diamond to the Ace, I cashed the Ace of spades, discarded my 5ht diamond from my hand, and I played the diamond from dummy, East followed it, I won the trick in my hand with the King. We came to this endplay situation:

I was in my hand, and I had already 7 tricks. I played the six if diamonds, and I ruffed it with the Queen of hearts.

East has to overruff it, otherwise I simply ruff a black card in my hand, and I have 10 tricks.

But when she overruffs the diamond with the King of hearts, she has to play any card from J87 in hearts and the ten of clubs. I play a finesse in hearts, and I can play my losing diamond from my hand in trick 11, and it doesn't matter, who wins it, I will be able to make a heart finesse again in trick 12.

It worth considering, that East could play the eight or the Jack of hearts, when I played small heart from dummy in trick 4.

If she plays the 8, we come to the same endplay as we did after the 4, but I couldn't have missed it, like now if I play a higher heart from my hand.

If she plays the Jack, I have 10 easy trick with the declared finesse in diamonds, losing maximum 2 hearts and a club. And I think, the same playline have had also worked.

So all my respect goes to Maria Bekő, who had the nerves to play small heart without any hesitation.

I feel this hand like a birthday present, and I hope you also enjoy it so, as I did at the table.