VS How To Combine Kokish Relay With A Heart Suit Leaded Hand After A Strong 2 Club Opening

VS: Vikor Solution. I have 16 developments now, all of them are published on this homepage. My original developments are all signed with this sign, Sometimes I develop new solution of a hardly negotiable situation of another player's world class development. Normally, it should happen with the agreement of the author. This time I don't have it, because I didn't find a way to reach Mr. Kokish. I hope, he would have liked my extension. Anyway, I didn't change his idea. 🙂

This time I suggest a solution for a common problem, which is pretty undiscussed, even between regular expert partners. The question is: how should we combine Kokish Relay with a heart suit leaded hand after a strong 2♣ opening?

We have to select well, which hand shows  and how, if we bid  directly, and that we should discuss, which hands are including in the Kokish Relay.

The idea is, that we have to agree with partner, that 2♣-2-3 is at least 11 tricks and a solid heart suit. To that, partner gives us a 1st round control, 3NT is a trump keycard, and 4 is negative response, denying 1st round control. If opener is searching a 2nd round contol, he still can give a cuebid to find it.

2♣-2-4/♠ is showing solid 7+ card suit and 9-9,5 tricks together. This hand is not so strong outside the suit, considering, that we may have maximum 2 Aces and a Queen combined with an Ace outside the suit.

Now w can see, how can we put the heart leaded hands to the Kokish Relay.

2♣ 2
2 2♠
2NT26+ points, balanced hand. To that we can play the same system as after our 2NT opening
3♣5+, 4+♣ 23 + points
35+, 4+ 23 + points
36+ hearts, not a solid suit, 23+ points
3♠5+, 4+♠ 23 + points
3NTsolid  suit, exactly 9 tricks, passable
4♣5+, at least 5♣, maximum 2,5 losers
45+, at least 5, maximum 2,5 losers
4Around 9-10,5 tricks, solid, but short heart suit, like KQJ10xx and strong hand outside
4♠6+, 5 good ♠, maximum 2 losers, not a solid heart suit, because we try to find our spade fit in order to ruff a heart with spade trump.