A Thing To Remember

One of my favorite bridge partners was Elli Nagy. She was around her 80's, when she returned to Hungary from Canada as a multiple national Champion. She asked me to play with her in club tournaments. It was a great peasure to see, how clearly and deliberately she played. And she was a real gentle lady at the table. That's why once we got into a big trouble. Let's see, why!

It happened, that we played against two old ladies, common players of the club. One of the ladies opened the bidding with 1♣, and after that I played 3NT at the back of her. We had 26 HCP, and a 5-3 diamond fit, with the Ace, King and Jack at the table.

I hoped, that I can catch the Queen of diamonds at the opener, so I decided to play Ace and King of diamonds, but I failed, because the only honour at the other lady was the Queen of diamond among three cards.

I might have been appeared a bit disappointed, because the lady on my left told me the following:

"Look at me, young man! From nine cards, you should play from the top, but from eight...always finesse!"

I saw, that Elli tried not to fall from her chair, and to keep her seriousness. She was hardly waiting my exit from this conversation.

I looked a bit unfocused to the lady, and I responded: Thanks, I will try to keep it in my mind!

Eli told me after the session, that she would have stopped playing bridge, if I had tried to play this finesse!

Thank you Eli, whereever you are, hopefully in heaven!