A massacre from Istambul

We played a great hand In Istambul, the pairs competition of the European Bridge Championship

with Peter Feher. The opponents were unknown, and the hand is a really good advertise for the mini 1NT.

Let's see, what had happened?

I opened a 10-13 1NT in South. West gave a bit light penalty double. Peter passed it, and East escaped to 2C, a 2 way bid, either natural, or escape with more 4 card suits.

I passed it, so as West and Peter reopend 2C with double in the 4th position, card showing double with tolerance to play this contract doubled.

East escaped to 2H and I doubled them, feeling the blood in the air and I had really good defensive hand.

I led the Ace of clubs, and seeing Peter's high club I changed to the Jack of diamonds. It seemed to be a good solution, because I will not be often at trick, and I may have to play diamond 2 times. Declarer has hearts and clubs so Peter most probably has the King of diamonds so as a diamond suit. He cannot play diamond so it is time to do it now from South.

The declarer won the Jack of diamonds in the dummy and he played a small heart, bringing Peter into an eliminated situation already.

Peter cashed his Queen of clubs. I hesitated to overtake it with the King, because it seemed to be a doubleton, but Peter still can play a spade from his hand, so I ducked the Queen of Clubs.

Peter played a small spade, as he was expected, I played the King and declarer won it with the Ace.

Now the Ace of hearts and another heart came. Peter had to win it with the King, and now he was eliminated. He decided to give a diamond trick to the dummy, collecting another one himself.

Now the declarer could have made a spade trick with the continuing elimination, and his last heart trick as well.

Anyway, after playing really well until now, he made now a mistake and played club from the dummy, and he could win only his last trump later.

4 down in vulnerable, + 1100 and a 93 % score.

And a wish, that every hand should have been like this one.