A Squeeze in Istambul Against Multon And Zimmermann

One of my targets in Istambul was to meet Mr. Ziimermann, and my wish came soon, because we played the 1st two hands against them in the Pairs Championship.

I played against Frank Multon several times and with him also some BBO matches. My partner was Peter Feher from Hungary. We were lucky to get this hand to begin our largest event in this year! Let's see, what had happened!

West, Multon started with the Ace of clubs. Zimmermann encouraged, so Multon played another club, Zimmermann won it with the Queen, and after some hesitation he played the eight of hearts.

It was time to think about, what are the cards at West. (East seemed to have uninteresting cards).

He has 1-2 spades, 5 hearts with the Ace, Jack and nine, 4-5 diamonds with the Queen, he ahs no more clubs most probably.

If we play small to the eight of hearts, West seems to win 2 heart tricks later.

Is it possible to put some pressure to West?

Yes, if we play now the Queen of hearts to the eight. West cannot duck it, because than we simply finesse the King of hearts on the dummy later.

If West wins the Queen of hearts, and he plays it back, we can win it with the ten in the hand.

His best play is to play a neutral trump, because he has no more clubs and the diamond gives a trick also, we can finesse his Queen with the Jack in the hand.

If he finds the spade return, we can set up a nice squeeze against him.

We already lost 2 clubs and a heart until now, we have 5 spade tricks a heart trick, and 2 diamond tricks.

We can win our 9th trick ruffing our losing  club in the dummy.

The 10th trick comes from a squeeze. We play after the 2 high trumps a club ruff, we play Ace, King and a 3rd round of diamond, taking away, East's diamonds.

After it, we play the last two trumps and West will be squeezed in trick 11.

East doesn't hold the red suits, and West is squeezed. If he discards his high diamond, the three of diamond will be a trick, and if he discards a heart, we discard our last diamond from the dummy and we can collect two heart tricks.