An Unweary Finesse

It is a very common problem, that if you can play a finesse, when you win the opening lead in the dummy, and this is the last time, that you can start a trick from there, that you play the only finesse at this moment. Is it possible, that this will be a losing move?

We played this hand in a team championship tournament, and I think this hand is to remember in advanced and expert level, because it shows, how important is to create a picture about the opponent's hands.

The double of West is very gambling, still it happened at the table.

The opening lead was the King of Diamonds.

The declarer won ti with the Ace, and used his last possibility to finesse his King of hearts in the hand.

Now, the defence did it very well. West won the King with the Ace, and watching the count signal of his partner he also played the Queen of hearts, he cashed the Queen fo diamonds, and played the 2 of clubs as 3rd and 5th signal.

East won it with the King of clubs, and recognizing, that declarer has no more clubs, cashed the Jack of diamonds, and declarer had to follow it.

Now, 6 tricks were already played, so it was a very good opportunity to continue  the diamond suit, and the surcoup situation gave an extra trick to the defence.

Could the declarer play better?

Yes, if he starts making overview about opponents cards in tricks 1.

West doubled the contract, but he didn't have the Ace and King of clubs in his hand, because than the lead would have been tha Ace of Clubs (most probably).

Therefore he must have the Ace of hearts in his hand, because of the double, because otherwise he never would have doubled.

Therefore, despite of the "brilliant" opportunity to play a heart to the King, declarer should havee been happy to take the first 8 tricks, cashing the top trumps.