An Elimination With A Dejavu Feeling

When someone is playing time by time with the BM2000 program, there comes surely a hand, which is very similar to the hands , that we can find there. We played a hand in the pairs championship of Hungary, which was already known by me. Let's see, what had happened!


We stopped in a 5 contract, because the opps were defending well. It may be good decision, because in case we had found 6, they could bid 6♠ to lose only 500 points, less, than we got for the 5 contract..

Anyway, we play MP tournament, where every point is counting, so we should do our best to make as many tricks as possible.

We don't have spade loser, hearts can lye also well, we don't really have diamond loser, and because of the mirror hand, we surely have to lose a club trick

We win the 1st trick in the hand with the Ace os spades, We cash the Ace of hearts, and West gives the Queen, which can warn us to a singleton diamond in East's hand.

Now we can play for a 100 % chance of 12 tricks if we play carefully.

We should play another heart to the KIng, we should ruff a spade in our hand. We can go to the dummy with the Ace of diamonds, and we can ruff another spade in the hand.

This is a key play in diamond suit, because now diamond either lies 3-2, and we don't have problem in this suit, or it is 4-0 and one of the opps doesn't have diamond in his hand. So the diamond suit is technically eliminated, they cannot play diamonds anymore without establishing our diamond suit.

Now, the opponents don't have hearts, we don't have spades, they have 3 diamonds in their hands, in either 3-0 or 2-1 distribution, and they have a lot of clubs.

Now if we cash the Ace of clubs and we play our last club, one of the defender's must win it.

They cannot play spades or clubs, because they are double void in our line, they don't have hearts, so they have to play diamond from 4 cards, but we can pick up the Jack of diamonds this way easily, and if they have 3-2 diamonds in their hands, we have 4 diamond tricks anyway.

A well deserved 12 tricks, and only 60% score, the field played always at least 5H, many of them played 6H made, there were few sacrifies, but they did a great score in the E-W line.

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