A Special Squeeze In The Crown Cup Hungary

A very rare form of squeeze was coming in a team match in the Crown Cup Hungray. The live bridge was broken in the middle of the Hungarian Team Cup of Hungary, so most of the teams were playing inmediately in the Crown Cup Hungary, the BBO variation of the Hungarian Team Cup.

My partner was Laszlo Honti, we played a very low 2S contract, where also the bidding was interesting. Let's see, what had happened?

I opened South hand with a mini 10-13 1NT. opps always passed, and North's 2♣ is a special junk Stayman.

My 2 response was denying 4 card majors, 2 of North now is a very clever bid, showing less, than invitational hand both majors at least 4-4, asking for pass or correct to 2♠ with longer spades, than hearts.

It should be a miracle hand at South to win a game and still it will be very risky to bid it. So this way is really good, using the simple principle, that careful with the misfit hands.

I corrected to 2♠ in South, so I played the hand.

The opening lead was the ten of diamonds. East won it with the King, and after some hesitation, he played the six of clubs. I gave the 2, West won it with the Ace, and I put the King from the dummy, in order to come twice to the hand to play the finesse in hearts.

West played another club, I won it with the Jack in my hand.

Now I played the six of hearts to the Queen, I played the last club from the dummy to my Queen, and I played my 10 of heart to the dummy's King

West had to win it, and we came to this endplay situation:

Until now I lost only 3 tricks, the King of diamonds, the Ace of clubs and the Ace of hearts.

Now, if West plays a spade, we simply duck it, and there is no winning way of defence. If they play another spade, we win it in the hand with the Ace, than anotherspade to the King and they only win one more heart. If East plays the Ace of diamonds, we make an overtrick, cashing 2 trump tricks finishing in the hand.

Anyway, now West played his last diamond, I had to ruff it in the dummy, and I played a small spade to my Ace in the hand, and another spade to the KIng, we came to the following endplay:

I had already 6 tricks, and they only had 3, so I only needed 2 tricks now, but I had to come from the dummy.

I played my King of heart from the dummy and East had to ruff it with the Jack, and he had to play the Ace of diamonds to force me to ruff it in the dummy.

Anyway, West came in front of the dummy and he was squeezed, because:

If he ruffs, I make 2 spade tricks

If he discards heart, my heart will be high in the dummy and I play it next, to force him to ruff and I make 2 trump tricks.

So he had to discard his club from his hand, but now I ruffed the Ace of diamonds in the dummy and I could ruff the losing heart with the small trump in my hand and I won the contract for 1 IMP, because the other table played 1NT and made it for 90 points.

I think we can say, that it was a very well deserved IMP for us 🙂