An Interesting Elimination In The Hungarian Team Cup 2020

It happens very rarely, that you can do an elimination in order to win a contract, but I was lucky to have one in our Hungarian Team Cup match. The bidding was also interesting. Let's see, what had happened!


The 1st question is that how should we act as South to partner's 2 bid as a Jacoby transfer.

Although we seem to have great support and strong hand, in fact we don't really have it.

We surely don't have supermaximum. We don't have shortness, we have 4 quick tricks and not a middle card in the hand. This is not good to support the partner, on the other hand we are strong enough to not afraid from opps, they will not bid, so the 3H response, showing 4 cards support in heart and a good hand is also not a good bid at all. Therefore the correct response is 2H, and I did so, which was accepted by all other players.

The opening lead was the eight of spades, convention 2/4.

Not a lucky lead, but we can see, nothing matters, if West leads the King of clubs, because East doesn't win a trick int this contract to be able to make the 3rd club trick  of the defensive line in time. (He will get it from me later, but than it will be too late.)

The Jack of spades in the dummy was covered by East's King, I won it with the Ace, and cashed the Ace of hearts, recognizing, that East discards a small club as an encourage card in clubs.

Now I went to the dummy with the Jack of spades and played the diamond finesse, starting small diamond to my Jack and West's King.

Now West cashed his King and Queen of clubs. East hesitated to overtake the Queen and play another club, but in fact, they have had lost a club or heart trick in this move so he ducked it.

Now West was cut from East.

Now West could play diamond (and spade) in order to avoid giving a trick, but it doesn't help him out of trouble..

I won the diamond in the dummy with the Queen, I played another diamond to the Ace, I ruffed my spade loser in the dummy, and I could play my club in order to eliminiate the hand. East coud win the club trick in the 10th trick, but he had to play a double void in this endplay:

Now I could play the eight of hearts and West had to win it with the ten in the 11th trick and he had to play heart from the Q5 to my KJ.

In the other room opps reached 4 hearts from the hand, 3 down, 410 points and 9 IMps for us. How could they reach 4H, is a good question 🙂