No Escape

We played a very interesting hand with Tom Szabo in a BBO IMP tournament. It is one of the bords, when both sides could do something for winning this hand, with another words, there was freat fight in the game. Let's see, what had happened?

As we can see, there isn't any good lead from West's hand. West selected the eight of clubs, as the less worse opening lead.

East made a mistake of putting the King. The eight of West is surely his highest club, so East should have ducked the 1st round of clubs, forcing declarer to play club finesse two times. Still it didn't matter in this hand, because I could have played in myself, coming to the dummy with the Ace of spades, and West had two clubs, so he should have followed the 2nd round of clubs.

It is important, because West could have cut me from the dummy otherwise, ruffing the 2nd round of clubs, and playing the King of spades, a real Marrimack coup.

So I won the King of clubs with the Ace, and I had some informations about the hand. Red Aces are almost surely at West, he is short in clubs and he has at least 2 trumps, otherwise he may have had selected another lead.

So I played the Queen of Spades, which was covered by the KIng and Ace. Now I played another spade to my Jack, hoping, that West has K10 only, but he wollowed me with the 7.

Now I cashed my Queen and Jack of clubs, and West didn't ruff it, because he didn't have good continuation.

I think he clucld have ruffed it, trying to cash the Ace of hearst, and avoiding the elimination later, but now it was the perfect solution, because I had void in hearts.

Still he had the ten of spades in his hand, so now I played a small spade to his ten. (East didn't take role in this game.)

Now he cashed his Ace of hearts.

There were 2 options now. Icould have ruffed it, hoping, that he has maximum 2 cards with the Ace in diamonds, but trying the same distribution, I can play another way, giving West the chance to help me cashing the Ace of diamonds anyway.

So I discarded a small diamond from my the Ace of hearts, and West still was eliminated in this endplay situation:

If he plays heart, I win it in the dummy with the King and play 2 tricks in clubs.

If he cashes the Ace of diamonds, my King and Queen is good, and they win only 1 trick in spade, heart and diamond, and if he doesn't cash the Ace of diamonds, than he gets the 2nd trick in diamond with the Ace and presents the contract even if his partner would have had an original diamond trick with the Queen and Jack.

So he cashed the Ace of diamonds, but it was his last trick, I won the contract.

Good fight 🙂