ACBL Diaries 2: The Almost Lost Victory

When we finished the ACBL BBO tourney 12840-1607875200 with Tom Szabo, I was happy because of the good game and result, but I was a bit upset, that we couldn't win the tournament with 72 % score, we seemed to finish 4th. Than the official result file came, and we increased the score to 72,2 % and finished 2nd from cca 300 pairs. Than we started analyzing the bords, and I lost the net connection. If it wouldn't have happened, I have never ever recognized, that we won the tourney with 72,5 %, as it was in my finished tourney's record.

This story is true, I can prove it with photos.

The 1st question in my mind was, how is it possible, that the winner's couldn't know the final result even after the tourney?

Than other questions came into my mind:

Who were the previous winners, who also thought that they won?

I live in Hungary, I won several national championships so, that I got the medals without any ceremony later, so I am used to wear that kind of lost results.

On the other hand, when I won my two austrian national championships, I got invitation for the sportball to the Opera of Vienna, personally form the cancellor of Austria, patron of the ball, as all austrian champions did.

When the ACBL thinks, that they (we) are the the best and largest bridge community, they shouldn't allow the BBO handling the results so sloppy.

(I am also member of the ACBL)

I think you all believe me, that it isn't so easy to win a short and large tourney like this with correct assets.

That's why I am very proud, that this was my 4th victory among cca 10 medals in 2020 with different partners, always from 250 or more pairs..

The 1st I won with Laszlo Honti, an MP tournament,  72 % achievement.

The 2nd I won with Andras Honyek, IMP tournament, cca 50 IMPs

The 3rd I won with Tom Szabo so as the 4th now.

Tom is a student of mine, a very talented, but also a bit unbalanced player.

Fortunately, this time I ALMOST got his best, and we won.

I have a sorry feeling about nobody knows it.

Finally I checked the bords of the tournament, we got a lot of gifts, one of them was a real craziness:

Bord 8.

Watching this hand, I can hardly believe, what has happened.

The 1st interesting bid of Tom in North was 2, he had easy pass. Anyway, because of this bid, everyone, including me, thought that he has 4 plus cards in hearts, maybe with some points.

Now East called 2♠, a pretty normal bid, maybe the last one. 🙂

I called 4 in South, West called 4♠, with bad offensive hand and good defensive hand, which is not the best thing we can do with a hand without extra value.

Now Tom passed it with 2 tricks in trumps and the King of diamonds, which is also not the bid of the century, he had really good double.

4♠ undoubled was the contract, played by East.

I led the King of hearts, dummy took the Ace, Tom took the ten as discourage.

Now declarer played a spade to the Jack and another one to the King in the dummy, I discarded three of diamonds as an encourage.

Tom won it with the Ace.

Tom now played a small diamond from the King, I took the Ace, and cashed the Queen of heart, because I seemed to win the King of clubs to defeat the contract.

Tom didn't ruff it as I hoped, but he won it with the King, and played a small club.

This was an excellent card, we shouldn't show to the declarer, who has the King, and we don't need more signals in this hand.

Declarer didn't even hesitate to play small club, I won the King of clubs, and Tom later won a spade trick with the ten and nine in his hand.

3 down, + 150 and a 93 % score, because we had nothing in this hand.

Anyway if you think Tom plays always like this, you are wrong. He collected all the gifts we got and he did his best to win this tournament.