When Opp Helps You Eliminating A Hand

Sometimes overcalls can turn against the defensive line. I played this hand with Ferenc Zöld in an online world champinship match. Opponent overcalled with a pretty good hand to my 1NT opening, still he gave me the way to do a 4S contract with an elimination.

Let's see, what had happened?

My 1NT opening was 15-17, West overcalled 2, showing hearts and a minor suit. Partner's 4 was a transfer to spades, so I said 4♠ and that was the contract.

The opening lead was the King of hearts. I won it in my hand.

I played trump to the Queen in order to finesse the Jack if West has no spades, still everyone followed this trick.

Now I played another spade to the Ace, West still followed, so now it became possible to create an elimination in case West has hearts and clubs

I ruffed a heart in my hand.

I played a diamond to the Ace because West overcalled so he could have a singleton honour easily, but he had the 9.

I ruffed my last heart in the dummy and played a diamond to my Queen, knowing, that East has all diamonds, because West has 2spades, 5 hearts, a diamond and 5 clubs.

East won the diamond with the King, and he had to play his Jack of diamonds, because all other cards from him should have given the contract.

So I won the Jack of diamonds with the Queen, and I ruffed my last diamond in the dummy and we came to this end-play:

I was in the dummy and knowing that East has 2 clubs in his hand I won the hand for sure.

I played a club to the King , West won it with the Ace, he had to play the ten of clubs, even if he have had the Queen in his hand.

I played the Jack of clubs to the ten. If West has the Queen, I win the trick with the Jack, and so as this time it was, East won the Jack of clubs with the Queen, and he had only red cards in his hand, so he had to give me the contract.


It seems to be a happy end, still it isnt.

This ONLINE world championship was organized by the Italians, and they created a great idea to be secured from cheating.

I like it very much, the idea is that you make video record with your cell phone so, that you and your pc is visible.

So you cannot cheat, because the cell phone, with you could use to cheat is busy with the video record, and you are visible so you cannot cheat.

Great system, I also joined it, still this system seems to eliminate us from the tournament.

The rule sais, that if you don't use this system, opponents get 0,25 imps per bord and per player who doesn't use it.

My teammates are old players, they even have no Facebook account, where this application runs, so we collect 0,75 points penalty per bord in the match, because they all use it and in my team only I use it.

Austrian teammates refused to use this system because they say it is unfair and they don't have assets to join the system.

Their anger is understandable, because we knew this information after 24 hands, so they already collected 18 IMPS advantage.

The reason we couldn't get this information is also interesting.

The Italians created the homepage in the Facebook inside. All my assets think that this homepage is a jpeg file (a picture) so I cannot move in the homepage and I can read it only as a picture.

I don't see well, I couldn't reach the normal visible format and we were already 18 IMP's back when we recognized that we are in trouble.

Anyway 0,75 IMP per hand bings a pair to the top 5 position in a cross IMP ranking in any big tournament.

So despite we beat the opponents with around 35 IMP-s after 84 hands from 96, they have 64,5  IMPs compensation until now and we seem to lose this match.

The system is great. Still it should be 0,05 IMP or maximum 0,1 IMP per bord to bring everyone into the system, but not a deciding volumen compensation, which causes, that we have no chance in this match, although we beated them until now at the table with more, than 30 IMPS.

Video recording sytem is great? For sure. It is correct to enter it so? Hmm.

What do you think? Let's talk about it in every forum, where it is possible.