Elimination: (Not So) Secret Weapon


We played this hand in a BBO ACBL  tourney with Tom Szabo. It was a cross IMP tournament, the following has happened:

The opening lead was the Ace of clubs.

I agree that lead, King of clubs will be very often in the dummy, and the only other option would have been a small diamond, a very weak opening lead, having Jack in this suit.

Therefore it is more probable, that partner (East) has the King of clubs, and our diamond lead allows declarer to discard his bad clubs.

West has simply too many honours to trust in partner's diamond suit.

The opening lead didn't matter anyway, because I could have played club from my hand after the Ace of hearts, not cashing the diamonds, saving entrances between dummy and hand.

West played the Queen of clubs in trick 2, I ruffed it in my hand and played the 10 of hearts, losing the possibility of playing districted choice, because I had only 1 heart, 1 club and 1 spade loser in this hand, and in case West has no heart, 10 of spades must be ducked in order to pick up East's 4 hearts later and save as many entrances to the dummy as I can, because this way I would have been needed a spade honour at East.

Anyway, West covered ten of hearts with the Jack I covered with the King, and at this point I had almost surely the hand in my hand.

I won the King of clubs, discarding spade and setting up my elimination. If East ruffs it, gives me the contract, because they will not have trump trick anymore, therefore I can lose 2 spade tricks 🙂

I cashed the Ace and King of diamonds, I played a heart to my Ace, I ruffed my last diamond in the dummy and we came to this end-play situation:

I was in the dummy, I lost a club and I still had a heart loser.

I played a spade to the 10, West had to win it, and playing either spade or a minor card, causing ruff and discard situation, allowing only 3 tricks to the opps.

This hand brought 8,6 IMPS for us in non vulnerable score situation.

I love elimination play 🙂