When It Worth Developing

We won our World Intercity Championship quarter-final match with Feri Zöld against Team Esat Izmir.

We played 96 hands, having Csaba Czimer and Tamás Szalka on the other table.

This is the 2nd event which we play under videorecord control, solving most cheating and fair play problems in the net.

We played a hand, which was exactly fitting to my own development about how should we show fit after Jacoby Transfer and new suit forcing bid later as responder. Let's see, what had happened?


On the other table they reached 6 contract without chance because of the bad distribution.

In our table my 2 was transfer to , my 3♣ bid was game-forcing, showing at least 4 cards in diamonds, partner responded 4♣, showing both 4d and 3h, with good hand, playing my own development.

My 6 follows the idea, that a 4-4 fit is very often better, than the 5-3 fit is.

There is no need asking for keycards in this hand, because we  only have top cards and partner's 4♣ bid showing good hand must hold good cards too.

The opening lead was the three of diamonds, I won it with the Jack in my hand.

Now the best play is to follow it with the Queen, so in case of 4-1 trump distribution I could have played club to the King and a club ruff in my hand, than I could have chashed all the diamonds to play the best way later in hearts later with 1st round controls in the black suits.

Now both players followed the 2nd round of diamond, so I cashed the 3rd round also.

Elimination is not working in this hand, because I need a diamond to ruff a club and collect my 10th trick.

Now I cashed the Ace of hearts to get the singleton King in my back, I went to dummy and played a small heast to my Queen.

This way is winning, when there is singleton King in my back, also when an opp has singleton or doubleton Jack anywhere, and so, as it was, it works when East has the King of hearts.

Queen of hearts was our 12th trick, causing 16 Imps plus for us.