A Show Up Squeeze Of Feri Zöld In The Intercity World Cup Semifinal

Many thanks to my team members winning Online Intercity World Cup semi-final match vs Peköz Istambul team.

We won 250 to 171 IMPS in 96 hands.

This is the 2nd online event, which is played under video record control, founded by Maria Strizzi and Pietro Martorelli from Italy.

It is the largest online team event ever for sure, considering, that great bridge nations like Italy and Turkey could enter more strong teams, than one.

The USA entered team Fisher from New York as well.

This system gives me the feeling as player, that despite we play on BBO, that we are in safe position in terms of cheating.

My partner, Ferenc "Feri" Zöld played a very interesting hand, let's see, what had happened?

After 2 passes1NT of South showed 12-14 points.

West's 2♣ was both majors.

Nort's double showed max pass hand with some clubs.

East passed it, so as South, West said 2.

North's 2nd double showed tolerance in hearts to a penalty.

East passed, South said 2NT a very good and safe solution, considering, that I could have 2 small cards in hearts, and they may have won 2 doubled.

2NT was the final contract from South.

The opening lead was the 5 of hearts, won by South with the 7.

Zöld played a club to the Jack and East's Ace.

East played the Queen of spades. Declarer ducked it and won the 10 of spades in dummy to play a diamond to the 10 and Jack.

West cashed the Ace and King of hearts now and played his 4th heart.

They arrived to this end-play situation:

Now declarer cashed his King of spades in order to force East to discard a good club or holding one diamond only.

East discarded a diamond, therefore he had 3 clubs and one diamond only.

Feri cashed his Queen of clubs in trick 10, and played a club to the King in Dummy in trick 11.

Now he had the Ace and the Queen of diamond in his hand, a bad club and a diamond in dummy, and East had a good club too.

Zöld played a small diamond in trick 12, and when East gave the nine, Zöld took the Ace, cashing the King at his back.

Well done!