Experiencing A Miracle Part 1.

Do you know, why bridge is the best sport in the world? You can experience, aged 59, that you became a worldwide event champion.
The reason may be, that it became possible to play internet events without cheating, making video record from you and your screen with your own cellphone.

To win a tournament like this, you should play with a very good player. Feri Zöld has excellent photographic memory and picture building ability, that allows us carding well and memorizing a complex system.

We were invited to take part in the Online Intercity World Cup 2021, and we asked Csaba Czimer and Tamás Szalka to play with us.

We won unbeaten, we played 432 boards in 18 days in 3 months together, playing 3x 96 hands in the last 6 weeks,

We played in the final against the team Strizzi Spelonga from Italy, 2020 online world champions, who played very well and used highly artificial system. They did everything using legal and half-illegal weapons as well.

Still they were only once close to us, when our teammates got stressed from the stake.

We changed opps, played well and self-confident, and we became Intercity World Cup winners.


Taking this opportunity I would like to write about the background now.

When you get a gift from God, you mustn't be arrogant. I learned it from our parents, who were  best textile designers in Hungary, who had everything, but were followed and wire-tapped by the state.

Our home was always opened in front of anyone. you wouldn't believe, how many visitors we had. They got food, attention and support there.

If I wouldn't have survived an accident, followed by 11 life saving and 6 correcting surgeries, and 18 months black-out, I have never met Shito-ryu karate. That keeps me in line of bushido, and gives the strength of working or playing 12 hours almost without mistakes..

Now, when I am tired, I take some breathing exercises. When I have to be fresh soon, I am meditating. And I am always training 10 hours at least in a week, and I sleep more, than that afterwards, to relax these trainings.

I stop hooligans and I help unknown people when they need, first of all children and the poor old people.

So as it was a standard worldwide, before moral crisis changed it. The state dosen't help us if we are in time of need.

I was in India to play bridge in 2019, and our team owner told us, that there are no poor working people in India. When someone earns 200 USD in a months, spends only 170 from it. Than, when he or his family, or even his friends have trouble, they start helping each other.

I haven't got any help from the state or from the Hungarian Bridge Federation in my life. Therefore I had to finance all my national team's costs.

I played more, than 300 matches in our national team, with amateur players, I took part in 3 Olympiads, without any chance to win.

Last time I could finance the costs, was in 2004, when we played the European Championship in Malmö, Sweden.

We met Balicki and Zmuchinski in this event with Peter Gal, and we beated them in 20 boards with 72 IMP's. That was mentioned in the Bulletin, almost miracle if you are from a small country.

Not the victory. The best players of the world at that time met me in Italian, French, and other nations largest events, playing in Italian or Polish teams, and they knew, they have to play attention playing against us. The article was the miracle.

So as it is now in the USA. Professional team's captains don't find me on their lists, therefore they don't test me at all, if I am good enough to play there. 


I wrote two bridge books.

The first one is completing my teaching method with new developments including a necessary modification of mini-bridge.

The second will be ready in weeks, publishing the system, that is unbeatable at the moment, if it is supported with some extra gadgets.

I published on bridgemagic.net homepage more, that 200 articles and hand histories. This is the only homepage in the world, which is able to response any lexical search with a well readable article in less, than 20 seconds if your tags are correct.

That means, if you are playing at a bridge table, and you disagree with your partner about a signal, or a bid or a convention, you can find it easily here.

I found out 17 own developments.

They are key developments, about slam bidding, competitive doubles, transfer solutions, and Fibonacci solutions, that are invented to put as many informations as possible into a small bidding space..

I have a development, Twin convention, for solving game-forcing relay after 1 major opening in an unlimited system.

This problem is the holy gral of bridge sport, an unsolvable problem without a very special idea. No one uses it, me neither!

If you are american, it is enough to develop one, and you are in their business.

Why could I play in the strongest teams of the world out of Angellini and Lavazza of Italy?

How could I win every single important trophy in my area.?

How can I manage, that no one stands up with the feeling, that he beated us in fair circumstamces?

The response is: play with a good man, and use Gatling machine gun against pistol.


We are not giving any illegal signals, and we play so quickly, as far as we can bild our picture about the hand that we play, that it is not possible to cheat so, because there is no data analyzing time.

We are friendly, we help opps, wherever they need, we give back lost boards if the opponent made mistake because of misclick, or any reason, that he couldn't control.

Therefore our concurrence does everything and more, than that to cut us from their territory.

No problem, Zöld has a small firm, I teach everything teachable, bridge, English and German language, Geography, History.

The problem was, that we were fighting in a small arena, instead of competiting the best players in the world.

And than....

We were invited to take part in the Online Intercity World Cup 2021, and we won it.

As I said, it isn't possible in any other sport.

Only three days were happier in my whole life, than the day of this victory.

Our day of wedding, and the birthdays of my children

The last one was 13 years ago......