Experience A Miracle Part 2. An Unbelievable Interesting End-play Situation

Now, that we qualified in the 1st position into the Online Intercity World Cup Semifinal, which is starting now, time to talk about a board, that we played in the World Cup Europe final against team Strizzi from Italy, we played some interesting hands against ricoli and maestrino9 with Feri Zöld.


A borderline decision was to open or not in the 4th position in South or not?

I decided to open, because I had four spades and a good pass to every natural response of my partner.

Anyway West overcalled 1♠, Zöld doubled it, showing 8+ points and 4+ hearts, still denying 10+ points and 5+ hearts.

East passed and I had to chose in South between 1NT and 2. I selected 2 because my spade suit was very weak and I had a shorter suit, than my three cards in hearts.

Zöld said 2♠ cuebid now, asking stopper in spades, having maximum hand. It is a very good bid, we can easily get some spade ruffs in heart contracts, and we still could have reached game.

My 2nt was obligtory, and Zöld said 3NT because he thought he has 2 extra good cards now, the ten of spades and the ten of clubs.

How right he was!

The opening lead was the ♣2, showing honour. I asked small from dummy, East gave the nine and I won it with the Queen in my hand.

I had not so many tricks. 2 in spades, 1 in hearts, 1 in diamonds and 3 in clubs now,

I played the 4 of spades now and West gave the 8,  will be importantit  as we shall see.

I took the ten from the dummy and I won it.

Now I played a heart to my Queen, West gave the five.

I hoped to have doubleton Jack or nine in hearts, so I played a heart again, West discarded the three of clubs, I took the ten, East won it with the Jack.

Now in fact East was cut from West, and if East makes the mistake of cashing the Ace of hearts, I could have squeezed West later.

East, as a world champion should, played a small diamond instead. I knew East has a lot of diamonds, I took the 7 therefore, controling diamond suit later. West won the trick with the ten of diamonds and he played a diamond back, cutting hand from dummy

I won the King of diamonds with the Ace, and I also cashed the Queen, forcing West to discard a spade, because otherwise I have had 4 club tricks, a heart trick, 2 diamond tricks and 2 tricks in spades now.

We came to this end-play situation:

My target was at this point was winning 3 club tricks and a spade trick, and all cards were known at this moment.

So I played a club to the ten.

Now I played the King of spades, discarding the 5 from my hand and West had to win it, otherwise he is end-played in spades.

West played the Jack of spades now, I won it with the Queen in trick 10, and end-played West with my two of spades in trick 11.

Playing so, I forced him playing club in trick 12, allowing me the finesse again.

We should have had the following spade cards in this end-play:

I must have Queen five two in order to end-play West in trick 11 anyway, playing the two of spades in trick 11..

West should have had Ace Jack and 3 in order to give 2 tricks for South in spades, playing the three of spades in trick 11.

This way declarer could have made only 8 tricks (3 in spades, 1 heart, 2 diamonds and 2 clubs), allowing East to win the last three cards.

If West would have played so, we could say, that everyone did everything in this contract.

I had advantage, I played a hand like this already and wrote an article about it, the "Greek Present", also published in this homepage.