About Us

Bridgemagic is a unique and exclusive bridge site featuring hand histories, conventions and tips for bridge players of all levels. The author of the site is Dany Vikor, winner of Online INtercity World Cup Europe 2021, multiple champion, who has played in the top Italian, Polish, German, Austrian and Hungarian bridge championships, allowing him an insight view to the latest innovations of modern bridge.

He has seventeen own innovations, which are one way for beginners, he has expert innovations, which are solutions are for difficult situations, like slam bidding, and doubles in competition. He created Fanni convention for forcing situations, Twins convention for 2/1 relay situation.

He has his own complete bridge teaching system, schedule and method for beginners, some teaching developments, and own modification of minibridge.


Our Mission

The special service of Bridgemagic is a complete online library of bridge knowledge which covers all major aspects of this wonderful game including the latest innovations. Currently we have more then 200 charged, and around 10 free articles online and we do not intend to stop here, a lot of articles will be available for the beginner, advanced and expert level.

Your Mission
  • Become a member! By purchasing access to the most exclusive contents on the site, you greatly contribute to the cause of Bridgemagic.
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  • The most amazing bridge lessons via BBO and chat-programs (Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, Skype)
  • Tournament play and analytic review on BBO.
  • Pairs system analysis
  • Live playing and coaching services

Let's start it now! Reach him personally via danvikor@yahoo.com e-mail adress.
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