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Bridgemagic is a unique and exclusive bridge site featuring hand histories, conventions and tips for bridge players of all levels. The author of the site is Dany Vikor, a grand master from Europe who has played in the top Italian, Polish, German, Austrian and Hungarian bridge circles, allowing him an insight to the latest innovations of modern bridge. His own innovations are one way for beginners, giving simple assets and an amazing teaching method to learn easier, his expert innovations are solutions are for difficult situations, like Twins convention for 2/1 relay, or Fanni convention for forcing situations. He has solution for several doubled situations, and new innovations after 2NT opening.

Our Mission

The mission of Bridgemagic is to build an online library of bridge knowledge which covers all major aspects of this wonderful game including the latest innovations. Currently we have more then 150 charged, and around 10 free articles online and we do not intend to stop here, countless more articles are queued for the beginner, advanced and expert level.

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Bridgemagic started with the collaboration of enthusiastic bridge players who wished to create something new and valuable. As it turns out this requires time, money and publicity. If you believe in our cause or you found to content publish on site valuable, please contribute in any of the following ways:

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You can reach him personally via danvikor@yahoo.com e-mail adress.