VS For Replacing And Refreshing The Bergen Raises

Although Marty Bergen did a genius job inventing "Bergen raises", and it is one of the most widely used conventions, there is a significant problem with the original Bergen raises. I published a new solution, which fixed the Bergen Raises …

1 Diamond-2Clubs The Game Forcing Two Over Variation

The advanced or better players can select hanging on their style between playing 1-2♣ as a game invitational or better bid, or they can use 1-2♣  as a game-forcing variation. The game invitational or better (Acol

1 Diamond-2 Clubs, The Special Two over One Situation

There are two common variations used by the expert players. Many of them are playing also 2C response as a game-forcing bid, but I personally am a great fun of playing 1D-2C as an at least invitational response, which is

Reverse Drury Convention

Reverse Drury convention is invented to show maximum hand with 3+ card fit with 2♣ bid as a passed hand, when partner opened 1 major in the 3rd or 4th position. Using Reverse Drury convention , we can stop many …

Defensive Bidding Against Bergen and Jacoby Raise

It became very popular both the Bergen raises and the Jacoby game force raise via 2NT to 1 major openings. I suggest to play a strong defensive way against the "Weak Bergen" and against the "Strong Bergen" in vulnerable, and …