Simple Overcall

The common way of playing a simple one level overcall is showing either good suit or good hand. Afterwards it starts constructive bidding on the defensive line. It is also an important goal to give guidance for the opening lead

Responses To A Simple Overcall

Competitive bidding agreements are often neglected by beginner players, and they focus more on partnership bidding. Although many competitive situation can be solved with natural approaches, as bridge auctions are rarely without interference nowdays, I strongly suggest to discuss these …

Score Table

Since 1925 only very few modifications were made to the scoring table we use to assign points to the results of a hand.

Rosenkrantz Redouble

Not having a conventional meaning for our redoubles is simply a waste in most situations. Probably the most famous redouble convention, the Rosenkrantz redouble, aims to solve situations where our 1M overcall is doubled.…

Scrambling Convention

Scrambling Convention is used to find a fit, when opponent's bid shows a preemptive fit and we seem to have a fit as well.…

When Our Jacoby Transfer Gets Doubled

It frequently happens that our Jacoby transfer gets doubled. Most players would treat this situation as if nothing happened and play system on, or they simply accept the transferred suit with at least 3 card fit. This might work if

Lebensohl and Its Variations

The Lebensohl Fast or Slow convention can be extremely useful in competitive situations, especially where the game contract is still available.…