Answers To The Take Out Double

Take out double can hold a very strong hand, even with a void in any suit. Therefore take out double can be seen as a forcing bid, and has to be answered also with 0 points. 

The Character Of The Defensive Bidding System

The question is valid, why does the defensive side need a different system from the offensive side. It is a very simple reason: when the opponents begin the bidding at the one-level, they claim to have a least 12 of …

When Our 1NT Opening Is Doubled

A crucial, thus discussion-demanding situation is when our partner opens 1NT, and RHO doubles. If our 1NT opening is weaker than 15-17, then most opponents are playing penalty double. To avoid big minuses, we must have a good escape-system, while …

Score Table

Since 1925 only very few modifications were made to the scoring table we use to assign points to the results of a hand.

When Our Jacoby Transfer Gets Doubled

It frequently happens that our Jacoby transfer gets doubled. Most players would treat this situation as if nothing happened and play system on, or they simply accept the transferred suit with at least 3 card fit. This might work if

Lebensohl and Its Variations

The Lebensohl Fast or Slow convention can be extremely useful in competitive situations, especially where the game contract is still available.…