3 No Trump Opening as a Minor Suit Pre-emptive Bid

There are many expert pairs playing Namiyats (South African) transfer openings in level 4, using 4♣ opening as good barrage and 4 opening as good ♠ barrage, so they cannot open naturally in level 4. Therefore, they open

One Over One, The 1st Level Suit Responses

One over one responses happen on every second board, so it pays to know the basics well. The principle is, that when we have a 4 card suit and at least 6 points or an Ace anywhere with a 4+ …

Answers To The Take Out Double

Take out double can hold a very strong hand, even with a void in any suit. Therefore take out double can be seen as a forcing bid, and has to be answered also with 0 points. 

The Choice Of The Suit

On the different bidding levels, the preferences in choosing the suit differ, this connection is dictated by the logic of the scoring system:…

Active Or Passive Defence?

We have to be clear as defenders, that a suit contract play is very different to a no trump contract. We shall play much more passive defence, because declarer has much more opportunities to control the game. Let's see, how …