About the Magician

You could imagine, that this homepage is a collective work of many bridge players, but you would be wrong. All this is coming from one player, a real Magician, who can beat the greatest masters of bridge.

  • He played in the Italian 1st league, he played in a professional Polish team in Italy, he is medalist in Monte Carlo, and many other high-level European competitions
  • He won several Hungarian Champinoships and 2 Austrian Championships
  • He is a winner of more, than 100 international bridge tournaments

The magician is also an innovator.

  • He has introduced new methods and conventions, proven to be effective over the years.
  • His solutions for handling forcing situations is still the most modern approach
  • He found the way of building a game forcing relay-asking convention up to SAYC 1 major opening with a brilliant idea
  • He spent many time to develop new assets and methods for beginners to understand the main principles as simple as possible
  • He has mastered other crafts, he's an Omaha European Champion, a Shito-Ryu Karate fighter, which helps him to look at the game in ways other cannot
  • He is also a great showman, he can take a relatively complicated subject like bridge and explain it in a clear and entertaining way nobody else can

I am proud to introduce my mentor, former coach and present business partner: Dani Vikor from Hungary

Adam Welch
Development Director
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